Brand : Owen Wilson


S.s. |

Love it cars!

My son already had a copy of this movie but over time it had worn down and had many scratches. we purchased the new copy which included a dvd and blu-ray copy as well. the movie was well packaged and as stated in seller's note; brand new never used. we were very impressed with time frame in which the movie arrived, i would highly recommend this seller to all.

K.c. |

This is a great high definition (blu ray) addition!

Contrary to the person who reviewed that this was in aspect ratio of 1:33, it is not--it is in full high def 2.4 1920x1080 with 7.1 dolby digital sound. it is gorgeous--they did a wonderful job with lighting, effects, etc. we have both the widescreen regular version as well as this blu ray and it's a world of difference. of course, with blu ray, you see so much more, but even i was surprised with how much more crisp an animated picture could be. the movie itself is cute--has a great message, and of course, lots of adult humor mixed in with the kids' stuff. great movie for all ages. gotta have a blu-ray player--whether it be a ps3 or a separate unit, it's a must-have for any hd home. oh, and the soundtrack is great, too!

Barbozajj |


What can you say but that we are glad to have it. the boys can't stop watching it so we were very happy when it came as fast as it did.