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Carter's Monkey Beanbag

Aurafield |

So good we needed 3 of them

My infant son is obsessed with these toys. we had one and had to buy 2 more just in case he lost one and to have back-ups while the original gets washed. it crinkles, rattles and cuddles, and it is his best friend!

Art teacher 123 |

Adorable little monkey

Adorable little monkey, very well made. my son has had the older version of this monkey for 7 years and has carried it around and played with it a lot. it has held up very well. we purchased this monkey recently for my daughter. it is the same quality as the slightly different older version that we have. this one has a gentle rattle and makes a mild crinkling sound in some of the parts. we sewed a little bow on it's head for my son to give our 5 year old as a gift. perfect little monkey and well priced.

Inna |

Adorable little monkey

My toddler is so attached to his monkey so we decided to buy one for our daughter. she is only 7 months old but already loves playing with it. the toy comes with a rattle inside so it gets their attention.