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Casarse...esta En Griego [My Big Fat Greek Wedding] Spanish

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Best comedy i�ve ever seen

I've read a couple of really negative reviews on here i felt the need to express my feelings about this movie. when i saw it i hadn't even heard of it yet. i was in california visiting family and it was playing at an indie and foreign film theatre. i read the synopsis of it in the paper and took a few friends to see it. it was one of the best comedies i've ever seen. i loved it so much that when someone had mentioned that they'd never seen it i insisted we go see it together. then when it came to the second run movie theatre in my home town i went to go see it two more times. everyone i saw it with loved it. some people have said such things as it wasn't accurate or that it was too hollywood, but i don't think they know what they're talking about. it wasn't supposed to be accurate, but instead show how much of an embarrassment one's family can truly be (especially when outsiders are involved). secondly, how can the movie be too hollywood when hollywood didn't want to have anything to do with the film. studio after studio turned it down and finally it was an indie film. the only reason its had so much advertising is because of how good it is. if it had been horrible it wouldn't have stayed in theatres as long as it did. just a small rant i wanted to make.

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Great movie

Love love love this movie! it is funny and lovable and makes me wish i was born greek. oh we'll maybe in my next life.

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My big fat greek wedding

My big fat greek wedding is a great comedy as well as family story. this movie also shows that in the end we must do what is in our hearts; marry the one that we love not who our family approves. it also shows in the end that ethic traditions and customs can followed as well as melded with the rest of society.