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Cast Away [VHS]

D. hunt |

Great movie!

I thought tom was superb in his character as someone who alway holds it together, and then all of sudden he losses it. i thought wow! what would you do to survive. he and his imaginary friend wilson. i thought only tom could have pulled this off. his acting was fantastic how he cried for his friend wilson and i cried too. you can actually feel the pain that he felt for his friend. i was wondering why he didn't open that one package. you found out at the end. great movie.

Dr aron e dellinger |

The real point

Nobody seems to get the real point of this film. all of the reviews and comments focus on the superficial plot and character aspects. there is an underlying spiritual message; that nobody is lost! noland is cast away from the love of his life and forgotten by all but god (the whale, you know he is bigger than life) he saves noland. it is interesting that he does this after nolands' invented friend wilson also leaves him alone.


A great story and a fascinating movie

Tom hanks stars as chuck, a fed-ex worker who is busy as a bee and obsessed with being on time. but his world of deadlines and traveling falls apart when he suddenly gets in a plane crash. chuck becomes stranded on an island, all alone. he uses his ingenuity to live and must struggle to survive. this island he lives on is reminiscent of the one from the book "lord of the flies" and the survival skills reminiscent of books like hatchet. this movie is amazing and spectacular. it's a must-see movie, one that's motivational and humorous. it is an awesome survival story. the ending is excellent, although the movie is quite long.