Brand : Claudy Conn

Catch & Hold-Legend: Legend Series (Volume 5)

Amazon customer |

Catch & hold

This book was probably my favorite out of the series. claudy conn gives a lot of detail that helps give a picture of what is going on.

Barbara goodwin |

A wonderful ending

Claudy conn is just awesome. this series took me where i never could've imagined. what a wonderful completion of this series. the end literally brought tears to my eyes. though don't be sad the trough time series picks up where this left off.

Vonnie faroqui |

Extreme seduction

Catch and hold completes the legend series in style, with claudy conn pulling out all the stops to bring the series to a stimulating and climactic finale. which is after all . . . as it should be, since she left readers with a cliff hanger ending in free falling--legend (no title irony there. lol) the beginning of catch and hold finds radzia macdaun smack-landing in the dark realms of the unseelie fae and on the run across the enemy's home turf, without her beloved danté. conn ups the ante further by bringing the powers of four dark unseelie royals into the mix of villains bent on mayhem and destruction. from beginning to end the action never stops as conn draws her cast of legend characters together to save the tuatha dé and earth as we know it. i applaud the strong female characters, the wide emotional range, and character building growth that fills the story, but between the two of us, i know what it is you really want to know about this book. the answer is . . . yes! in spite of all the drama, intrigue, excitement, and the heat of battle which make this a great series ender, claudy still makes room for the finer points of romance; the sizzling passions that make reading a conn romance a delectably private affair. the end, no other words strike as deep or contain as much horror for the avid reader as when they signal the completion of a truly exciting and engaging series. readers will appreciate knowing that, even as she brings legend to its completion, conn opens the doors wide for a range of new paranormal plots and romances. one thing is certain, we haven't seen the last of claudy conn or her talent for writing extreme seduction.