Brand : Libreria Editrice Vaticana

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Blsterling |

A must

Eloquently written. meant to be read and reread by those of the faith. doctrine well defined. urges concentration and reflection.

John p. morris |

Not just for catholics

It is a strange and abiding foible to assume knowledge without inquiry. the catechism of the catholic is, literally, an open book. agree or not, what the church teaches and why she teaches what she does is as fully bared as can be in as many pages as there are. for those who ask the same questions, time after time, yet make no effort in finding proper answers, here is an opportunity to satisfy genuine curiosity.

T joseph |

All the answers

As a very minimum, this book should be in every catholic home, next to the holy bible. no more questions concerning the catholic faith, it's foundation and beliefs. excellent teaching tool, and great reference for non-catholics interested in researching catholic beliefs, and the church's foundation.