Brand : Discovery

Cave Creatures of Greenbrier County

Lakota |

Refreshing tv show

Growing up in va. , and hearing most of the tales of unexplained creatures passed down through the country folk of west va.,va., it is refreshing to see real people on a quest to try and prove or disapprove the realality of these folklore monsters. these guys aren't the husbads of beverly hills or new jersey or orange county these are real life country folk who fish and hunt and know the land of west va., ohio and kentucky. buck is a hoot to watch as the youngest and rookie of the group , trapper as the leader his weathered , worn outdoors look , a man who believes in the folklore , jeff with his reashearch and if you listen to him as he explains each "monster" articulates very well a man of knowledge , huckelberry , is a giant of a mountain man and an ex marine willy the trap builder i believe is also ex military and builds some damn amazing old school traps. everybodys favorite wild bill who's getter done bro and good ole boy attitude make me wish it was on more than just once a week.

Jessica |

Love it!

I love this series. this is my "go-to" show to watch while i'm making jewelry. season 3 was kind of scary and i'm still working up the nerve to watch it again. whether you believe in what they are chasing or not, this is a great show to watch.

Lee |

Fan of mountain monsters

This is the best show on television . these country men really know how to find what they are looking for, finding evidence and proof of mysterious monsters of beings out there. i totally enjoy this show better than finding bigfoot .the guys are hilarious they have great chemistry together. awesome show .