Brand : Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic Sea Salt, Light Grey Celtic, 1 lb Resealable Bag, PACK OF 6

Galina |

This is the best, the healthiest salt ever

This is the best, the healthiest salt ever. celtic sea salt has all the minerals and very tasty. it is gray and large course .... but for me it is not a problem, i use coffee grinder to grind it, to make it fine table salt. i save money that way. i do not use a salt shaker because the salt is moist and will not go through the holes. i just use salt dish like it was used in old days. give it a try, you will like it as much as i do.

Allyn |

Very healthful salt

Very healthful salt, with multiple uses. my family is much healthier since starting to use this exclusively in our food.

Smart-shopper |

Best flavor!

Third time i've bought this bulk salt which lasts a long time. best tasting, high quality salt with full minerals. i dry about one quart of salt spread out on a stainless steel pan (can do it in glass as well) in a low-temperature oven. gets very crunchy when dry. then i chop it up and fill a quart mason jar. then it's ready to be used for any purpose, including filling my ceramic salt grinders, or using directly in salting pasta water, etc. i will also occasionally use my mortar and pestle to grind up a larger amount of salt for party-sized cooking. i store the rest in a cool, dry location. enjoy!