Brand : Jodi Picoult

Cercle de Salem

Carol feller |

Great read and book club discussion

I always enjoy jodi picoult;s writing. she knows how to keep you thinking. i never hesitate to read or recommend her books. we read this book as a monthly "book club" read and our discussion was varied and provoked many interesting topics. certainly the perception of the male always being guilty when "rape" is claimed, but how often the outcome is an out right lie or consensual when it occurred but convenient to claim "rape" instead of living up to a wrong choice.

Crystalm |


I have read at least three books from picoult and have never been disappointed in her work. most authors stick to the same subject but picoult goes out of her way to make sure to keep things interesting and cover a variety of topics. i was impressed by this book and didn't expect it to cover what it did in the fact of the subject matter. it kept me reading and very interested and i thought the ending served as a cliffhanger and found it shocking if what i thought was accurate. i would highly recommend this book even to men. i also encourage her readers to keep reading the rest of her novels as they each serve their own surprise and appeal.

Kmartinez |

Excellent story

I am not a huge fan of jodi picoult, but this is the second of her books i have really enjoyed. (the other is the storyteller) excellent story, well written, and i liked the connection to the salem witch trials. a modern-day "witch hunt."