Brand : Cetaphil

Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30, 4 Fluid Ounce

Spants |

Works as it says

I am extremely budget conscious but decided to cave and purchase this moisturizer because i was interested in better controlling my oily skin. i get oily all over and break out often. i also struggle with hyperpigmentation so a high spf is essential. i notice that using this in combo with the oil control cleanser has helped control the oil on my skin significantly. i tried it with another cleanser and i noticed my skin was still oily so having an oil control cleaner makes a huge difference. it feels like other moisturizers in that it is silky but not watery. it dries fairly quickly but does not have a matte finish. i have worn this after cleansing with the oil control cleanser and my skin is still oil free hours later. when i wear this under my makeup i have noticed less oil throughout the day when i blot and look in the mirror. it did not irritate my skin and my pores do not seem larger. i think this will be my go to from now on.

Analytical v |

Without a doubt, the best spf moisturizer for oily skin!

This product is incredible. i have extremely oily skin, and even the lightest oil free moisturizers can be too greasy. spraying aerosol sunscreen on my face used to be my only option. this product has a lightweight texture that moisturizes and mattifies the skin, while also giving superior spf 30 protection. and this isn't one of those bs "anti-oxidant hydrator with spf 16" products... it's real sunscreen. i use it on daily basis and when i go the beach/outdoor event. it has the infamous solid white appearance of traditional sunscreen, yet blends like a regular moisturizer (sorcery). i used to pay $36 for a bottle of daytime moisturizer (1.7 oz) and this product is $10 (4 oz)... definitely, definitely recommend! after applying it to face and neck, give them a light dusting of hd translucent powder with a powder brush. this will "set" the sunscreen - taking away even the slightest bit of shine from the product and preventing the whiteness of the sunscreen from mixing with anything else you put on your face after (primer, makeup, etc.)

Robinroo |

We both really like it.

I bought this for my daughter who has acne prone skin and uses topical medication for acne, she needed an spf 30 for the daytime and i have been using this everyday too. it controls oil and keeps makeup looking fresh. we both really like it.