Brand : E.B. White

Charlotte's Web

Dorothy l. stahly |

Re-acquainting with "charlotte's web"

What can one say? this absolutely wonderful children's story deserves to be told and retold, and editions of it should always be coming along. this edition is a great one.

Gtcaz |

Great edition of a classic

This hardback edition is a fantastic value; grab this over the paperback edition. my four year-old daughter loved it. it was her first "real" chapter book. we'd read a series or two of the rainbow fairies and a disney collection of princess stories, but this (along with wind and the willows, also superb) was the first classic. she balked at first (complaining that there weren't enough pictures), but soon she was begging for "just one more chapter, please!" the afterward is more geared towards adults, but is still a nice bonus. good stuff.

Eric w |

Excellent audio book for children - read by author

E.b. white's voice and performance of his words are grandfatherly and perfect. i cannot imagine an actor better capturing the down-to-earth charm and fantasy of this masterpiece tale. my wife and i enjoy the recording as much as our children do, and this has helped ease multiple car trips.