Brand : Chicken Soup For The Soul (Rhino Audio CD Series)

Chicken Soup For Little Souls: What A Wonderful World - Songs To Celebrate The Magic Of Life

Susan cusack |

Truly excellent!

This was our second chicken soup for little souls tape and my family loves it as much as the first, so i was surprised to see the reviewer who didn't find it "fun" and was disappointed by it. then i saw that her idea of a "fun" cd was wee sing. she is right that wee sing songs are fun. they are simple songs that are easy for young children to learn and sing. however, the chicken soup songs are fun in a different way. many of them are "grown-up" songs, by the original artist (wonderful world by louis armstrong), or re-recorded in a way that is especially appropriate for children (oh what a beautiful morning). all of them have lyrics that are life affirming and celebrate the world around us. i have to agree that this music is probably not "fun" for a toddler, but it is fun and uplifting for children who understand the lyrics. although i danced to wonderful world with my father at my wedding, i wouldn't buy it as a dance mix, we do use it at bed time a lot. my best advice is to look at the songs that are included and if you know and like any of them, then you and your school age children will love it.

Amazon customer |

Chicken soup for little souls

I purchased this cd for use in my classroom. the children absolutely loved it. we would all work, play, and sing to the music. it made for a very happy learning environment. i would often hear them humming the songs at odd times of the day. i am definitely happy that i bought it. it was well worth the money!


Enlightening and inspiring favorites

This collection compiled by mr. canfield and mr. hanson indeed tops the list of children's music. the "chicken soup" book/cd collections can not be complete without this special cd in the shelf. i have read almost every chicken soup edition available and own many myself. until today i did not plan to add the children's editions to my collection. thank you mr. canfield and mr. hanson for giving the gift of inspiration to so many .