Brand : Richard S. Lackey

Cite Your Sources: A Manual for Documenting Family Histories and Genealogical Records by Richard S. Lackey (1985-11-01)

Billie beth moore |

Cite your sources

I have had my copy of the cite your sources for so many years, i cannot remember when i bought it. the point being that this should be just about the first book anyone starting their reseach should buy. if we as new or researchers of long standing do not cite our sources, our research is really not worth much to ourselves or to others. thanks to mr. lackey for writing it and for those who have kept it in publication for so many years. to dwell on just a few chapters would be unfair to the entire book. each page is most important to our research as a whole - not just in part as we all must know where each available proof is located in order that our information may be taken as fact rather than "i think or i believe".

Deborah l. stewart |

Cite your sources

Old fashioned book, but good solid information. great reference for any genealogist's library. easy to understand.

Katherine i. walton |

Quick reference

It provides a quick reference on how to cite sources of your information. will be very helpful making sure that necessary information is included.