Brand : Norihiro Yagi

Claymore, Vol. 9: The Deep Abyss of Purgatory

Mandy |


Claymore is a manga about yoma who pretend to be human in order to kill and eat the humans. the claymore are the hybrid of the two stronger faster but still human with the ability to slay the yoma which they do for a price. they travel from village to village slaying yoma with nothing but the sword on their back using the yoma abilities but slowly turning into a monster that they hunt. when the time comes a claymore will send a black card to another claymore to be slain before the yoma takes over and so they die as a human. in the ninth installment clare along with galatea and jean are being kept by the abyssal who wants to turn them into awakened to help her fight a battle against the other abyssal who has started to gather forces to move into her territory. while galetea was sent to bring in clare it’s clear that the battle with the abyssal takes priority. after a long battle they survive only to be sent to the north to fight the rising awakened beings to are terrorizing the villages and working together. thanks to saving her life jean has vowed to follow clare till she repays the debt following her to the north. i like clare she’s a sword carrying slayer who isn’t afraid to die charging in risking her life. she may not survive every encounter but that doesn’t stop her from doing what has to be done protecting the humans. while most claymore’s wouldn’t allow raki to tag along she accepts him and maybe it’s partly because they are kindred but he needs her and she him to keep her humanity. i find clare to be an intriguing character and can’t wait to see more about her back story as well as what’s going to happen next. we are given a little back story on clare which introduces us to teresa a claymore whose life was changed by clare. i’ve seen all of the episodes on netflix a few years ago actually binge watched them over a long weekend. i love the concept for the claymore the hybrids created using parts from the monsters that they have been created to fight. while i am familiar with the story it’s interesting to see it play out as i read it. the art is great it gives me just enough to create the story in my head as i read each detailed page. this is only my 2nd manga so i don’t have a lot to go on but so far i’m super exited to read the series. claymore is a fast paced loaded with action series that is captivating right from the start hard to put down till the last page. can’t wait to start the next one in the series they just keep getting better. i feel like a voracious reader because i can’t get enough.

Xyon mckell |

"i would have liked to let you taste the moment of victory. but i'm afraid i can't"

While volume 9 technically starts a "new" arc it is an immediate continuation of the last one and the series in general builds off all that has come before. this is not the place to start reading - go back to the beginning. the deep abyss of purgatory (complete: parts 1-4) is a direct follow up to the witch's maw. the power balance between the three creatures of the abyss has shifted and riful of the west has been torturing claymores to try to gain awakened followers. clare and galatea are desperate to survive their battle with riful's monstrous companion and prevent her captive, the organization's number 9 (jean), from awakening. the battle and it's implications are quite interesting, with some inventive use of powers and teamwork. more tidbits are revealed about clare's personal quest as well as the world in general, and although they are essentially just mysterious hints and clues they keep up the intrigue nicely. the battle of the north (parts 1-2) reveals an unexpected and unthinkable threat in the northern lands - awakened beings working together. a full half of the existing claymores are dispatched to face them, and even then their odds are not good. these chapters kick off a major series of arcs that will continue into the next couple of volumes with effects long after that. what's here is just the set up but it does a very good job establishing the situation and introducing several new characters (along with some familiar faces it's great to see back). while i did find the deep abyss of purgatory a little slow in spots there are character related reasons for its pacing and overall it's a strong introduction to the creatures of the abyss. the battle of the north situation is quite a potential shake up for the series and ratchets up anticipation for the next volume. together they make volume 9 yet another great installment of claymore.

Deathwish1988 |

Loving it the more and more as i step up a volume

As always the fights are amazing and the story is stepping up in this volume to the next level of excitement , this a very worthwhile reading as i watched the anime first but i was told to expect much more goodness from the manga .