Brand : Clever Yoga

Clever Yoga Mat Strap Sling Adjustable Made With The Best, Durable Cotton - Comes With Our Special "Namaste" (66in Light Blue)

Pat the book lover |

Ideal yoga mat strap

I have not carried the strap to yoga class yet, but it seems to be fabulous! i carried a cloth bag before. it is too small now. the previous reviewers convinced me to get this strap.. it is so easy to put on and off, and no metal pieces or velcro to break, etc. an elegant design. and it is a beautiful color. i just bought the biggest, heaviest yoga mat on the market, and i need a strap that can handle it. this one certainly seems to fill the bill. one of the reviewers mentioned having the same big mat, so that inspired confidence. i am very glad i ordered it! :-d

Daniel whitehead |


This is a great quality product, and works great! i was very impressed and happy with the service as well. i would absolutely buy from them again!

Caitlyn |

Must have!

I love this strap! it was a good price and seems very durable! i go to penn state and the strap is perfect for carrying my mat around campus. i highly reccomend it!