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Clockwork Princess

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Beautiful and gripping

This series is one of my all time favorites now. i haven't read the other mortal instrument books yet, but this series stands alone to me on its own. the depth and beauty of the relationships through pain, joy, and time is so true to the depth and experience of real love spanning the test of long years. the mixture of old classics and fantasy creates its own uniqueness that makes me feel like i've stepped out of a classic lit class into a graphic fantasy novel. these three books have become dear to my heart and a must read every year for me, right up there with pride and prejudice and lord of the rings. i highly recommend them.

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Clockwork princess

This book is an absolutely exciting excellent prequel to th mortal instruments. i'm s o jealous of technology tessa, will, an jen

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So happy

These books make you feel as if you are a part of the shadowhunter's world. i will read all these books over and over again until the day i die.