Brand : Andreas Katsulas


E. swenson |

Nice hd transfer

Loved seeing enterprise in hd for the first time. the clarity is awesome compared with dvd. the 3d conversion my tv does even did well. highly recommended for any star trek fan.

Amazon customer |

Great series

I like star trek generally, i'm not a raving fan, i don't go to premier showings of movies while they're really expensive or have big lines. but i do enjoy the escapism combined with the observations about humanity that science fiction provides in general. all that said, i find that this series, star trek enterprise enjoys and benefits from its excellent pedigree; it pays sufficient homage to it's roots in roddenberry's universe for most fans to feel at home, and it avoids egregious contradiction of that word. it's rather fun to see the star trek universe in an earlier time when the technology is not so powerful, though of course, still way ahead of our current reality. i also find that the actors are excellent, and the writing creates good three dimensional roles for them (though the bulk of the earth-based vulcans are perhaps a little too stick in the mud, but that creates a good foil for the enthusiasm of humans not yet bounded by the prime directive.)

Linda burke |

Meets my needs

I researched other sites user reviews find that others have recommended this. i found it really good after the use, it has ordered. looks new though this set has been with me for a month now. high quality it is very easy to manipulate love it! great price. sparkly, warm, wonderful great price and item