Brand : Scorpions


Moronunited |

A great encore to a fantastic career

Between the newly released 3d concert blu-ray and this new compilation record, it's great to see the scorpions providing a plethora of high-quality content during their farewell tour. sting in the tail was a fantastic final record with a great blend of hard-hitting tracks and powerful ballads. it appeared the scorpions were done there, but a final trip to the studio has given the fans an added treat. comeblack is essentially the encore to sting in the tail, and while it lacks original tracks, the new takes on classic tracks are killer. the re-recorded scorpions tracks are original enough to warrant a listen thanks to incredible production values. meine's vocals are absolutely stunning and the instrumentals follow suit with kottak's brutal drums and expert guitar work from schenker, jabs, and maciwoda. in regards to the covers of songs from other bands, some may be turned off by inclusions like ruby tuesday and tainted love, but i fully support their tributes to the songs that influenced them. it's really cool to see a hard rock band like the scorpions covering beatles and rolling stones songs, not to mention that the tracks all fitting covers that do justice to the source material. in what is likely to be the last scorpions release, comeblack is a fantastic send-off for the scorpions' phenomenal 40+ year career.

James hill |

Never went away

This is a great album from the scorpions. it puts a slightly new spin on some of their classics, and pays tribute to some of the music that influenced their music. definitely something you need to add to your collection if you are a scorpions fan.

Awakeskeptic |

Love it!

A scorpion fan for over 20 years. love this album my old favorites plus great covers. this one will be on my mp3 player for a long time.