Brand : Paulette Callen

Command of Silence

Alanda brasdley |


This book was nothing like i expected but it was an awesomely different book that i enjoyed very much! the only thing i wish was different was if the book would have told us what happened to isadora

Cheri |


I wasn't sure if i'd enjoy this book and had it for a long time before i sat down to read it. i have to say that it's a very well done, very intense book. once i hit 75%, i couldn't stop reading. there are a lot of triggers for child abuse and my stomach clenched and i teared up many times. i highly recommend this book.

Hellbound |

Singing her praise

What an extraordinary book. there was the potential here for this book to be gruesome, but things were so delicately handled that even the most squeamish (me) could handle it. this book was filled with characters that were so unique there was no possibility of getting any of them confused. the plot was nicely laid out and even though some things were evident, it was kind of expected that the reader would figure them out before the reveal. an extraordinary book indeed. i have recommended this book to the book readers i know.