Brand : Madonna

Confessions On A Dance Floor (12 Reg. Tracks)

D. casto |

Doing what she does best.......

Madonna has never been the best singer, but what makes her music great is the production. this record is the brilliant dance music, plain and simple. i love it.

Acop |

Best no-brainer album in years!

I miss the "artistic" madonna that gave us ray of light or like a prayer, but this album is burning up my stereo and putting me in a great mood when i need it. the songs are short on lyrics but incredible on production and madonna's singing is excellent (especially when she uses the lower register of her voice on "jump." the two standout tracks here are "jump," and "sorry." who said dance music was dead?



This is a great album, and one of the best dance recordings of all-time. madonna's dance recording is up there with kylie's "fever" and cher's "living proof." fantastic.