Brand : Doreen Virtue PhD

Constant Craving: What Your Food Cravings Mean and How to Overcome Them by Doreen Virtue PhD (2011-09-30)

Debby adair |

So that's why i eat certain foods.

Excellent information. fascinating, thought provoking and true. this book has helped me understand my cravings in a way that no other book has done. i loved it.

Judy in california |

This book is wonderful!

I recently downloaded this book on my kindle, and i couldn't put it down. this book is a godsend for anyone who has problems with food cravings, whether they are short-term cravings that change form time to time or long term addictions to something like chocolate or wine. the book gives a quiz to help the readers determine the type of overeating they do and also provides long term and short term recommendations for dealing with cravings. i found this book when i was dealing with a craving for pistachios and cashews, and i was bowled over when i found that the book not only covered my problem and explained exactly why it was happening, it also gave me the tools to deal with the problem. this book rocks!

Linda deslauriers |

Fun and essential

This book is a must-have for anyone who is on the nutrition refinement path and especially for counseling other people. i love all of doreen virtue's books and projects. this one has great research behind it and is well organized. although i don't binge, i was fun to list my five top cravings and just look what's behind it and found it very true. this book added more awareness to my life and i am grateful for that. i was slightly disappointed about a reference to use the microwave oven to create an alternative snack. i don't think those two go together. perhaps the author wanted to appeal to a larger audience?