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Contact [VHS]

Fp |

Very interesting

This movie is very interesting for any person with some interest in serious cience fiction, all actors of the first line, and the development of the history was amazing. contact with people from other planets or galaxies could be possible in a near future, who knows what the future deserve for us, so this movie helps to keep an open mind.

Erica |


This is defiantly worth my money. great price too! it came right on time like it said it was going to and it was fantastic!

Norm |

Very realistic science fiction thriller

Well acted and chillingly realistic scenario, this is an amazingly accurate portrayal of how the democrats in american government usurp power and authority, stepping on whoever they need to in their never ending quest to glorify themselves, and openly deny reality, even in the face of concrete proof, if it doesn't serve their agenda. the special effects were near flawless, and the abundant use of news clips of actual politicians and news reporters added to the realistic feel.