Brand : Converse

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Sneaker Shoes Navy Blue (3.5) (Navy, 9 D(M) US)

Charlotte |

Love these sneakers!

I've been shopping around for a good pair of converse for a while, thinking that i could find them for under $20.00 if i looked hard enough. my last pair, which i bought three years ago, was $20, and i thought surely i could find more for less than the $35-45 price tag i was seeing. stupid inflation. i finally bought these when i realized if i was going to get a new pair, i had to cough up the extra dough. i'm really glad i did. i wore the last pair all the time, and though they're still comfortable and i'm far too attached to them to throw them away, they have holes in the leather and in the sole, and they smell something foul when it rains. i have no doubt that these canvas converse chuck's will last just as long and be just as comfortable, and my first few wears makes me confident that i'm right. my last pair was leather, but the same shoe style, so i don't know if the fabric of these will stretch. i do know that the leather ones never did, it only got a little less structured after three years of wear. what i like: 1. these are meant to wear as regular sneakers, so while you don't want to go on a run with them, they are just as comfortable if you're going on a long walk. there's no chafing on the heel no matter how far i go, and the support means they're not going to destroy your lower back if you find yourself walking or standing all day. 2. for me, at least, they fit true to size. i have wide feet, but the design of the shoe means i can lace them tighter or looser and not worry about them cutting into my circulation or falling off. 3. i got the navy blue ones, and the color is exactly what you see in the product picture. it's vibrant, but not bright, and well-dyed and even-toned. as for dislikes, well...there's nothing i dislike about converse, so you're asking the wrong person if you're looking for complaints. all converse i've ever owned are comfortable and simple, and i think it's what the brand does best.

Sabrina zimmerer |

Nice black sneakers

Perfect with jeans or shorts. i even wear them to work. they look very nice and fit like my other chucks.

Kevin w. bowyer |

Classic look

I've always liked cts, they are so timeless, always a great look. its nice to see some things never change.