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Mrs. duarte's class |

Coraline is a adventures explorer

This book is mainly about a girl named coraline. she had moved to a new house. this house was so big there was some other people living with coraline and her parents.when one day she finds a small door. she was curious what there was on the other side. so she passed through a new world, only better. when she leaves her other mother her real parents are missing. so coraline has to play her other mothers "game." she has to find 3 childeren's souls and her parents. will she find her real parents before the other mother will call her daughter? find out in this book.

Jennifer n. allen |

Deliciously dark!

Wow. this book will stay with you. i loved the movie, but the book is quite different, and in a good way. really spooked me, and that doesn't happen very often. i loved this book and will be reading it again and again. children take warning, though. it is pretty frightening and will likely scare kids. adults however are sure to love it....if you love a good scare!

Kindle customer |

It is fantastic - in both senses of the word

What do you say about a neil gaiman story? it is fantastic - in both senses of the word. i like this version, with the notes about when he was writing it.