Brand : Neil Gaiman


C. a. bridges |

Once you start, you have to finish or you're stuck in there

When reading "coraline" one has the almost overwhelming urge to read phrases and paragraphs and entire chapters to anyone within range. the first impression i got when i read it was that the author desperately wanted to come to each and every person's house and read the book, and that the print version was only a temporary measure. well, okay, that was the second impression. the first impression was that this was a seriously creepy story. not terrifying in the way that so many authors try to startle you or shock you, but ominously creepy in such a way that you have to keep reading or the story will never end and you'll go through the rest of your life with this crawly feeling all over you. coraline is a young girl, small for her age, whose family moves into a new house. the house used to be larger before it was subdivided, and so there is an old door opening onto a brick wall. coraline is fascinated by this intriquing exception to an otherwise boring existence; this, along with some odd neighbors, are all that liven up her summer days. further investigation leads to a mysterious other side, complete with other side parents determined to keep coraline with them, even if it means stealing her real parents away. this may be a children's book, but only in that it speaks with a child's sensibilities and focus. at no point does "coraline" speak down to the audience, and that's one of the marks of a children's book that will last. the other is excellent writing, and he's got that covered too.

Peter d. tillman |

Not just for children

This deliciously creepy novella won a well-deserved nebula award, and is emphatically not just for children. i'd put off reading it, thinking it wouldn't be my kind of thing. boy was i wrong. young coraline's adventures in the mirror-world are the best sort of fairy-tale, lovingly understated, full of archetypes of good and evil. coraline's other mother -- well, let's just say you wouldn't care to be locked up in her house (said the spider to the fly). i can't imagine there are many people here who wouldn't enjoy coraline. look for the edition with the wonderful illustrations by dave mckean. my highest possible recommendation. happy reading, peter d. tillman

Mimsy |

Mysteriously creepy

I'm 17 so i kind of feel a bit ridiculous about writing this review, but i just want to recommend this book to those out there that enjoy the kind of stories with the "world behind the mirror" type of feel to it. i enjoy artistic, dark, and innocent type things, and i think anyone out there that's the same way will enjoy having this book in his possesion.