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Courtney Lynch: Leading from the Front : No Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women (Hardcover); 2006 Edition

Matt morgan |

A straight-forward approach to leadership that is a must-read for young and experienced leaders alike.

As a career marine officer, i am impressed by this book's ability to translate the corps' leadership principles for women in today's world. this book cuts straight to the chase, capturing the essence of leadership as an art. too many approaches to leadership miss the point (that leadership is about setting a personal example) and try to imbue the concept of leading people and organizations with mysticism or systemic complexity. morgan and lynch, however, get it right. they are honest and to-the-point about their own experiences in the marines and the business world, offering refreshingly candid insight. what you get from reading this book is that "eureka" moment a well-written business map should offer; that while leadership principles might sound simple, living them is the hard part. i'm giving this book to my daughter, and any young leader i ever have the privilege to mentor. bravo!

Dan o. |

The best leadership book in years!!! a must read!!!

This is the first time i have ever felt compelled to write a review for a book. however, i really felt that everyone should read this book. whether you are private or public sector, civilian or military, this is a great read. and, men should read it as much as women. here are my thoughts... 1. the book is straight forward with no nonsense. it goes to the facts and really makes the reader think about the role of leadership in one's own life and what type of a leader you are. it offers unique insight into dealing with others and leading by inspiration. there are so many golden nuggets in this book, i encourage other readers to have a 3x5 card and a pen next tothem as they are reading. you are going to want to write down various ideas and have them in your pocket to review over the course of your day... seriously... this book is that good. 2. i like the "readability" of the book. it's enlightening, entertaining, educational and inspiring all at the same time... i was honest above when i said no book had ever compelled me to log on and actually leave a comment. this is a must read. 3. and finally, this book is different. it's not the run-of-the-mill boring leadership book. each page kept me hungry for more. it is compelling and insightful. again, i think everyone should read this book. and please... it's a great read for both men and women. we all face a variety of leadership challenges every day. this book will surely become a classic in everyone's leadership library... enjoy.

Lori |

Five stars

Very easy to read. had captivating stories pertaining to their experiences on leadership. this is a worthwhile read.