Brand : Chew Coffee Dip

Cowboy Coffee Chew (Pack of 72) Quit Chewing Tin Can Non Tobacco Nicotine Smokeless Alternative to Dip Snuff Snus Leaf

Amazon customer |

Tastes amazing, not an overpowering coffee taste nice and sweet ...

Tastes amazing, not an overpowering coffee taste nice and sweet and stays together well if you don't run your tongue over it. the lid gets loose after a few removals, don't sit on it either.

Robert |

The best

Wow i never thought it would be so good you guys really brought your a game on this one will definitely buy more thumbs up

Charles e. hughes |

Awesome product!

This stuff is great! i used to use snuff some years ago and quit, but i might have quit sooner had i had this stuff at the time. the reason i bought it was to give me some energy at work and curve my hunger because i'm part time, and can't take lunch breaks. but after working 6 hours i tend to get hungry. i've used it the past few days and its working exactly how i was hoping. it gives me a nice little boost of energy, and when i start to get hungry, a pinch will hold me over for...well as long as i keep it in my mouth. it also seems to help at home when i'm just sitting around and feel like snacking on stuff. the taste is great. if you like the taste of coffee, buy it. it basically tastes like a coffee bean with sweetener and creamer flavor (which i'm pretty sure is, what it is.) my only complaint; the tins aren't bigger. with as good as this stuff is, it won't be long before i've gone through all 3 tins. truthfully though even if the tins were the size of pringles cans it wouldn't be enough. will definitely buy again.