Brand : Craig Frames

Craig Frames 1WB3BK 12 by 12-Inch Home Decor Picture Frame, Smooth Finish, 1-Inch Wide, Matte Black

Amazon customer |

Beautiful frame

The wire was too challenging for me to install without the proper tools, so i just hung the frame on a nail, balancing it on the wood of the backside of the frame. i've ordered several of these and it worked well. the "glass" is plexiglass, which saves you if you shut a door too hard or your cat knocks the frame to the ground which was carefully positioned on a shelf. not that this happened... the protective covering on the plexiglass is easy to remove. it's easy to install the picture, and install the back of the frame. the wood color was beautiful. no scuff marks or dents. one word of caution is that you won't be able to take in and out countless paintings/pictures because the metal pieces that bend to open the back, i'm afraid will break off and render the frame unusable. but that's a future problem and it's not like it was an expensive frame. it does come with all the hardware to hang the frame you could ever need or want.

Amber |

Great price, good product

I got these for my parents for christmas- they look great in their living room. i really like that the larger sizes shipped with plastic instead of real glass. most likely, my parents will end up buying real glass to replace the acrylic because of the glare, but in another area of their house it would have worked fine. it certainly made ordering less stressful on my end. overall i was really happy with the frames and felt they were a great quality for the cost.

J t cannon jr |

Perfect fit

We purchased this frame to help preserve a 50 year old class photo and it is just perfect. nice glass and a beautiful frame as well