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Crash Bang Donkey!

Nonfiction |

Hilarious book for the preschool set

This is the hilarious story of the irrepressible crash bang donkey who comes to farmer gruff's farm and makes quite a racket. the dialogue is pitch perfect and the illustrations are pretty cute. it also has a nice underlying message about there being a time to be loud and a time to be quiet--if you've got a music/noise loving preschooler this is added benefit. my 3.5 year old thinks the book is hilarious and walks around quoting it. he is a little scared by the facial expressions (angry/surprised) of some of the animals and farmer gruff on a couple of the pages but he still likes the book and i think most kids wouldn't be sensitive to this.

D. fowler |

This dashing, bold story of a grooving donkey will get everyone in the mood to get up and dance . . .

Farmer gruff was just plain, old exhausted. in fact he was so tired he fell right asleep while leaning on the picket fence. he didn't even notice a big fat crow was sitting on his head. the crow, of course, had some corn in his mouth. he had been up all night trying to chase them away because "day and night, the crows munched and crunched on the corn in the cornfield." that just wouldn't do and something had to be done about it, but in the meantime farmer gruff just needed his sleep. all was quiet while the hogs wallowed in their field, the sheep jumped around in the pasture and the chickens quietly peck at the groung. all of a sudden . . . "crash! bang!" a donkey came hee hawing and crash banging over a hill right into the yard. pig, lamb and chicken tried to get him to tone down, but he was having none of it. "parp . . . parp . . . parp!" he played the trumpet too and chicken's eyes bugged out with alarm because he was going to wake up farmer gruff. pig became alarmed when he began to plink away on the piano. donkey just closed his eyes, raised his head and said, "come on, pigster, feel the groove!" well, he started to twang on a guitar and got lamb upset. he finally got the message, but it was a bit too late because farmer gruff was awake and some made. "who's making all that noise?" donkey tried to get everyone in the groove, but no one was interested, especially plain, old exhausted farmer gruff. just what kind of groove could donkey get in to make everyone happy again? this dashing, bold story of a grooving donkey will get everyone in the mood to get up and dance . . . or at least chuckle for a while. this is one of those humorous stories that will make both young and old get in the laughing groove. the musically inclined donkey made me laugh very early on when he told the barnyard crowd to "ride the rhythm, baby!" and began to "crash kerrrannnggg! on a guitar. i know my house once rocked with a lot of music that made me cringe when i was trying to sleep and any parent or grandparent who has musically inclined children or grandchildren will be able to relate to this one. the zany artwork meshes perfectly with this humorous, silly and somewhat zany tale, one you might want to consider if you want a few laughs 'n giggles!

Lyndit |

Adorable fun book

Adorable fun book that can be read over and over again and still deliver delight. we've ended adopted voices for all the charafers.