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Crimes of Memory (A Detective Jackson Mystery)

Kindle customer |

Crimes of memory

Our social systems seem to alienate the very people it is charged to protect, our children. memories of childhood abuse can torture a person for the rest of their life. a counselor can inflict more damage if they are following their own agenda to achieve satisfaction.

Neal reynolds |

Skillful mystery with a strong human element

A great big plus here is the weaving of the mystery with the personal issues going on in detective jackson's private life. this really fleshes out his character and gives us readers a lot that we can identify with. i also liked the way the eco-terrorist theme was handled. through following agents jamie dallas and carla river, we see the differences between those who are sincere environmentalists and those who are merely using environmental concerns as motivations justifying their urge to commit violence. all in all, this is a significant and enjoyable book in a significant and enjoyable series..

Sully89 |

I'm a detective jackson addict

I loved this one. these jackson books are short & interesting enough to read in a day. i enjoyed watching the connections of the suspects unfold. the whole series is great & i'll be mortified if/when it ends