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Crimson Shore (Agent Pendergast series)

Annie |

Constance is watson to pendergast's sherlock

Crimson shore by douglas preston & lincoln child read by rené auberjonois agent pendergast seems to be a bit depressed in the opening of crimson shore; he and his protégé constance green are sitting before the fire in the new york home. out of boredom pendergast takes on a case he would normally have turned down. a wine collection has been stolen, in return for solving the case pendergast will receive a rare bottle of wine. soon pendergast has ferreted out the real mystery, mutilated bodies. constance plays the part of pendergast’s side kick in this novel. it is obvious that she is in love with him. readers will remember her temper is volatile. crimson shore sheds light on the history of the whaling industry in massachusetts, the salem witch hunts, and racial relations. i always love it when pendergast goes into one of his trances and reaches out to the people of the past. those of you familiar with the pendergast series know to expect a cliff hanger. i love all of the pendergast books but this was my least favorite. it is a great book and i encourage you to read it. for me it wasn’t as exciting as many of the other books in the series. crimson shore is fast paced, the tension is high, there is edge of your seat terror, threats abound and pendergast has constance by his side in a scenario reminding readers of sherlock and watson. rene auberjonois lends his voice to this series. i have come to equate that famous voice with the character of pendergast. if asked which two authors, i would like to meet douglas preston and lincoln child would be top of my list. oh how i would like to ask them about their inspiration and how they collaborate. while the pendergast is my favorite series by this dynamite duo they are prolific writers and i urge you to check out all of their books.

Rebecca a |

Love the pendergast series

My husband would love this. good read. love prendergast series. wish there was another one out that i hadn't read.

Susan e. brandt |


Never disappointed by these authors. just too bad it takes a lot of time and research for the next book.