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Cutter - Director's Cut: Director's Cut

Charlie |

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Barney's second book,"cutter - director's cut," continues to entertain the reader with his unique writing style of bringing fictitious characters to life in a vivid and realistic manner. he transcends the predictability of the characters by interweaving political deception with political righteousness, greed with generosity, love with deceit, betrayal with loyalty; while, at the same time, providing a fast moving, suspenseful, entertaining, and thought provoking novel. the end of the book leaves you wishing the third book was available.

Patricia hicks |

Good read!

The use of profanity in the beginning of this book seemed a bit strong at first, but it certainly helped define the main character, cutter. he is a no-nonsense fellow, who is clever and very likable. i thought the story line was excellent, and although one reader thought it was disjointed, i liked how cutter's personal and professional lives were woven together. cutter's skill to affectively deal with issues in the political world were only outdone by his ability to solve his own life's issues.

C. barney |

Authentic and crisp, cutter is vulnerable, interesting and a well-crafted tale

Cutter is a great debut novel; however, i hope he re-appears in another incarnation. i wasn't quite done with his character yet. i wanted to know more about him, other experiences that shaped him and who he becomes. his vulnerability was riveting and what kept me reading. i enjoyed the time sequencing, going back and forth, in and out. added depth and interest. the author's knowledge of novel locations and local politics was crisp and authentic. people and places seemed real. you can tell by the writing that barney is an avid reader, whose prose flows. have to admit that having someone else choose my beer must be a guy thing and, while the book takes a male perspective, its characters hold a universal appeal ... even if you'd wish one or two would slip off the boat. cheers.