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DC Collectibles DC Comics - The New 52: Batgirl Action Figure

Brk |

Dc collectibles dc comics - the new 52: batgirl action figure

Im a fan of batgirl and love how it looks and would be happy happy happy to have it and know limited editons will be worth more money in 20 to 25 years and when happen too have it will sell it for more money when ready too sell

Jase |

Great batgirl figure!!

I'm extremely pleased with this dc collectibles action figure... i'm a huge fan of the new 52 dc universe, and currently own all of the released figures for the justice league, justice league of american, teen titans, red hood and the outlaws, along with various dc universe characters. personally, i've have found all the figures to have fantastic sculpting and overall nice paint jobs. i had originally planned on only picking up the main seven members of the justice league only; however, i've been so impressed with the quality that i decided to expand my collection to include a few more of my favorite characters from the new 52 dc universe. i decided to pick up batgirl to complete my bat family (still waiting for to purchase nightwing), and i can say that i'm not disappointed in the least with the quality of this figure either. batgirl's sculpt and paint job are beautiful and clean, and probably one of the best sculpts period. plus great detail was given to the paint job on her hair. my only complaint is that her gun doesn't fit that great into her hand and the string (not pictured) is a bit awkward; however, it's easily forgivable and still will fit in her hand. i still highly recommend this figure along with all of the other figures to any avid dc comics fan and/or toy collector.

Brando g |

Good figure

My batgirl is perfect. her eyes are done right. her paint is good. the hair is gorgeous. the bad thing is she can't actually hold her gun. this figure would look good in any collection. :)