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フード・インク [DVD]

The mrs. b |

Opens your eyes

I think everybody should watch this documentary and then make up their own mind. some of this is not new of course (how the animals are treated) but other information is mind boggling, like the farmers not being able to save their seeds? how can something like this happen? anyway - watch it and see for yourself !!!

Carol a. palumbo |

Eye opening

This was so eye opening that i shared it with my entire staff. my thoughts after viewing this are buy local,regional, and seasonal. this is a must view for all especially those working with families with health concerns such as childhood obesity and diabetes.what may seem to be healthy choices may be harming us.

Xiaochao zheng |

No more conventional meat in my house!

Before watching this movie i already switched the whole family to organic milk. after watching this, now i have switched to vegetarian and we will never buy a single piece of non-organic meat again. also, did i mention that by becoming a vegetarian (or vegan), the impact a single person can make on the environment is equivalent to switching 1.5 conventional cars to hybrid or electric cars? i may not be able to afford an electric car any time soon, but i can stop eating meat right now!