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インディ・ジョーンズ レイダース 失われたアーク《聖櫃》 [DVD]

Christian jorgensen |

The best of the series

Raiders of the lost ark is the first and the best of the indiana jones trilogy. here we are introduced to dr. jones(ford), that apart from teaching archeology also spends a good amount of time tracking down articfacts. jones is introduced to a nazi plot to obtain the ark of the covenant, an artifact they believe will give them the power to conquer the whole world. jones sets out to foil their plot and on his travels he hooks up with an old amour, marion ravenwood(karen allen) and the exeptional stereotypical gestapo man toht(lacey) that continues to be his nemesis throughout the movie. the movie seems to breath new life into the old saturday night matine cliffhanger style. the movie is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. indiana jones got knack to getting out of a tight situation, although he rarely uses firearms. most often it is the whip or the fist. the fist is something marion also favours in her dealings with bad guys. this movie is simply fantastic in all its aspects, the plot is fun, the action is there all the time and presented in a humorous way. the casting is perfect too, who can imagine another indiana jones than fords?

Lekisha leyden |

Indiana getting the better of power mad nazis

Indiana getting the better of power mad nazis, romance with the old love that got away, and finding the greatest treasure of our civilization??? what can i say, this movie makes wannbe archaeologists out of everyone who watches! my husband and i have watched this movie dozens of times, and it is always so much fun, even though we know the dialogue by heart. everyone should see this movie at least once to fully appreciate the statement...why did it have to be snakes????

Charlene craig |

It was a great adventure and still is

It's just a classic and i can remember seeing it a theater when it first came out. it was a great adventure and still is.