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DVD * Der unsichtbare Dritte - Classic Collection [Import allemand]

Belle325 |

A masterpiece!

Hitchcock at his finest! cary grant is as debonair as he is handsome, while james mason is sinister to the max.

Thomas rohnacher |

Like watching the film for the first time

This new 50th anniversary restoration on blu-ray is spectacular. one of the disadvantages of living with a beloved movie for 4 decades, in the movie theater and on home video, is that it becomes so familiar that you know everything by heart and anticipate every next step. the script is brilliant, so, like most hitchcock, it is enjoyable to watch repeatedly, even if familiar with the story. the great thing with hitchcock is, that the suspense and excitement of the story have nothing to do with the revelation of a twist. were i new to this film, i would be ecstatic with the previous dvd, which remains excellent. but such is the new clarity in this new restoration, that to me it was like seeing a different film, because i saw so many details that i had overlooked before, as in the interior of the dining car, or the lobby of the plaza hotel. it was, as if i were transported into the 1950s, being present in the very locations, not just watching them in a film. textures become tactile, i can feel the cold of the steel fixtures in the dining car, the warmth of velvet, the surface of the rose patterned taffeta dress. for the first time, the metallic telephones at the lobby of the plaza hotel felt appropriately rich, crafted of real metal, befitting the exclusive surroundings. before i always thought they looked out of place, common plastic phones covered with cheap metallic paint. it makes much more sense now. this newfound immediacy went so far, that sometimes i had the feeling of being on the set while this movie was being filmed. being present with the actors. however i didn't find it distracting, but let me enjoy the movie in a new dimension. in this (and only this) film, eva marie saint always reminded me of a stunningly beautiful pure-bred creature, desireable and expensive, and too synthetic to be a real woman, which i'm sure was intended by the director and appropriate to the story. actually that look is not unlike kim kardashian's look today, a beautiful, perfect but synthetic mask. in this new 50th anniversary restoration, the character eva marie saint plays is suddenly a woman of flesh and blood. the mask of concealer makeup which hitchcock placed over her face is still extreme, but no longer opaque enough to cover the freshness and human warmth, sensitivity and vulnerability i normally connect this favorite actress with. it is a revelation to now be able to see the subtle emotions in her face, like in the scene when she sends cary grant to the his doom in the crop fields. her emotional conflict is very moving. the love scene in the train compartment is stylized as ever; they kiss, but their embrace feels synthetic, with her barely touching his neck and his hands strangely hovering behind her hair, not lovingly, nor careful of messing up her superb hair (which gets messed up nonetheless by the wall), but as if something unappealing were back there. her featherlight hesitant tenderness is appropriate to the story --- but his hand's gestures have always irritated me. i'm sure both actors were following hitchock's exact directions. and maybe it was cary grant's own style of touching his partner during romantic moments, because i've seen him do it in other films as well. however, this new transfer with its focus on light and dark, makes this love scene much more intimate, by partially obscuring graphic details, which the previous transfer offered --- (*) link below) did a comparison of the previous dvd with the blu-ray, and in the screenshot of this love scene, you can see every detail in cary grant's hair on the dvd, whereas the blu-ray bathes it in shadow. i'm not sure why this happened, and i read that some reviewers were bothered by the darker image because it dampens the romantic mood. i like the new transfer better, because it makes the scene more convincing and natural, and appropriately ominous. in any case, the sublime music which underscores this scene is the loveliest music i've ever heard in any film, and what the lovers avoid doing, the music does for them: it touches and embraces them (and us) with supreme tenderness and longing. i very much recommend you watch this classic movie in this stunning new restauration; it's likely you will experience it anew, as i did. my guess is, the new dvd edition of this 50th anniversary restoration will also be excellent, giving similar improvements over the previous dvd. i think the revelation lies in the restauration itself. (*) [...]

J r zullo |

I'll have to catch up with my hitchcock

Many people in my generation think that movie-history began with "back to the future" and ended in "titanic". don't get me wrong, i like both of them, but, really, cinema is way more than that. when i ask information about older movies to older people they seem to loose focus, their eyes become lost in the far horizon, and they say "yes, this is a great movie". but the problem is, they say that to every old movie. i once tried to watch casablanca; in fact, i watched the whole movie, but i didn't really like it. casablanca is not an ageless movie, so i think it meant more to people who saw it when it was released than to me, watching it forty five years later. with "north by northwest", however, the situation was completely different. first of all, it is listed number 18 on imdb's top 250 films of all time. second, i have watched the more famous hitchcock movies, like "rear window", "psycho", "vertigo", etc, and i find hitchcock an amazing director. his techniques, his directing style, are very similar to what we see in movies today, to what i'm used to expect in a movie. and i think his films deal with subjects that don't seem to get old. in "north by northwest", cary grant is the man on the run for being mistaken for an agent he is not. during all the movie, he has to escape his nemesis, in famous and unforgettable scenes like the plane-man walking chase and the final pursuit on top of mount rushmore. when there is no action scene, there is the best dialogue i've ever seen on screen (very funny, fast and intelligent), between (mostly) cary grant and eva marie saint, the beautiful double-agent who falls in love with grant. this is really one of the most enterteining movies i've ever seen. i'm not going to say things like "nowadays, we don't have movies like that anymore" because it's not true. people used to make good movies, and they're still making it today. you just have to have the capacity to know what is good from what is bad. great movie grade 9.5/10