Brand : Daiwa

Daiwa Strikeforce Light Spinning Reel with 5.3:1 Gear Ratio, 110/8-Pound

Amazon customer |

This reel has increased the number of garbage fish i catch by 1000%.

I bought this to pair with an ultra light rod and o have no complaints. smooth casting and reeling. well worth the low price.

Claudia l. miller |

Workhorse reel for the budget minded

Looking for a solid performer that won't kill your wallet? at less than $15 you can buy one of these every year and still not spend the ridiculous money companies are charging for reels these days. does it have all the new shiny stuff companies are charging for? no. it is a simple workhorse reel. if you take care if it and use it as you should it will last. this is a freshwater reel. if you need something for salt water i would look elsewhere. but for trout,bass,catfish (smaller cats i would say not 40lb blues) crappie this reel works great. the drag is smooth and the reel is easy and strong. you don't need a van staal reel to catch fish. you don't need a 400.00 shimano to catch fish. save that money for other things you need. note set the drag accordingly. i use the 1000b and the drag is rated at 4.4 at best so i set mine to 4.2 it doesn't stress the reel beyond it's manufactured drag recommendations. also use the right line. don't use braid on these. use mono or fluorocarbon and keep it under 8 lbs. even if you are using 8 keep the drag set to the recommended drag.