Brand : Dr. Nikita C. Garris-Watson

Damaged, but Destined!: So What? Now What!

Ml munroe |


Phenomenal!! extraordinary book and a phenomenal woman! while reading this author's book, i requested a personal meeting with her, and she was more than happy to meet with me. our meeting was filled with life lessons and words of wisdom. she not only shared the power of the phrase, "from molestation to ministry," she personified it! dr. garris-watson talked about the unfortunate life choice of those who "profit from being pitiful." what a statement!! talking with a woman who allowed god's beauty to speak through her so that she can be a light of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation to others is a rarity. what a blessing it is for me to acknowledge that i have met one of god's angels. get the book; you won't be disappointed.

Sholonda bibbs |

Story of survival and strength

Damaged but destined so what? now what? is straight from the life and heart of the author. even in struggle and when faced with all types of adversities, she was able to survive and thrive. this book brings reassurance that with god, all things are possible! love it!!

Shannan white |

Her life saved my life!

The way dr. nikita has shared her life story of repeated abuse, molestation, and rejection, while still being able to find god in the midst of it all really blessed me. she allowed god to pull the pieces of her heart back together. now she is a deliverer to many, myself included. in the darkest time of my life, it was dr. nikita c garris-watson that spoke directly to my spirit man and literally laid in the floor with me until i was strong enough to give god a real yes that would begin my journey to freedom. i would recommended this book to any and everyone that is looking for god in what seems like a hopeless situation.