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Dangerous Depths (Aloha Reef Series Book 3)

Jett |

Awesome series

I loved the aloha series. great visuals, characters and supsene. if you have not read this book, you must try this series.

Terri-lee taylor |


Great as ever. was wondering about the whole story going down in the deep; wondering if the volcano was going to erupt before or after or even. kept me reading right to the end

Christian review of books |


Dangerous depths by colleen coble review by laura v. hilton price $14.99 bane oanu is in search of a sunken spanish ship, rumored to have treasure. but his plane is sabotaged and he is forced to parachute into the sea where his former fiancée rescues him. his plane lands near the sight of the sunken ship, and when he dives down, he finds a cannon ball. but his best friend, tony, who was diving with him, surfaces too fast and is dead when he reaches the surface. foul play is suspected. leia kahale settled in an old leper's colony on a small hawaiian island after ditching a promising medical career in favor of natural cures. she doesn't know what to think about bane's return. she still has feelings for him. soon dangerous things start happening. human remains are washed up on shore. earthquakes are cracking the earth near the shipwreck. time is running out. but rumor has it that the treasure isn't there anyway, and someone is stalking leia. how can they sort it all out when it seems everyone has something to hide? dangerous depths is the third book in the aloha reef series and easily stands alone. in my opinion, it's the best book in the entire series. i loved bane, he is a true hero, and leia is realistically developed. i cared what happened to these characters. the setting is realistically described, it seemed i dived with the characters and saw what they saw. i ran the full range of emotions with this book. dangerousdepths is not a book to be missed. the faith message is expertly woven in, the suspense is riveting, and there's even a romance. discussion questions are included at the end of the book as well as an excerpt to ms. coble's newest book, fire dancer. $14.99. 282 pages.