Brand : Danielle Enterprises

Danielle Creations Clear Acrylic Round Folding Hand Held Mirror, 10x Magnification

Suzy-q |

Great mirror! regular image on one side

Great mirror! regular image on one side, magnifying on the other (great for putting on eye makeup). stands securely in multiple positions, flat for packing. use at home and for travel.

Fitzgerald |

Oh man, holy hairs.

I bought this mirror after being stunned to find a few chin hairs that were a bit darker than i like. one side of this mirror is normal and the other side is magnified. the handle folds down, so it's easy to store. an unintended consequence has been that i find it really easy with this mirror to pluck eyebrows, thus limiting how frequently i need to seek professional help for them.

Jt |

This is the only choice

This is the best mirror i've found. though i dropped my first one once too many, i eventually found my way back to this model. the glass is a good practical size for everyday use at home as opposed to a travel size. the 10x mirror is accurately curved. i didn't know how much that mattered until i tried another brand and i could only focus on a small area at a time, had to hold unnaturally still and had to wear glasses. this is perfectly easy to use. last, it has the hands-free option as the handle folds into a stand. because of the design, the hinge doesn't wear out and stays rigid. alas, glass is breakable so i would buy this again if i need to