Brand : Paul Williams

Das Energi

Kc |

Good listening

I enjoyed this book; it had some interesting new ideas. i shared it with some friends who enjoyed it too.

Tim burness |

Timeless enlightenment with a hippie feel!

"this is god speaking", says williams at one point. well yes, reading this book does rather feel like that much of the time. "das energi" is a mighty powerful and inspirational read. a dynamic (very dynamic) mix of zen ideas, taoism, positive thinking and maybe a bit of christian morality thrown in for good measure. however, some of the language does place the book firmly in the late sixties and early seventies (man!). its still brilliant. paul williams presents us with quick, sharp "blows to the head" such as "beware means be aware.", "vote with your life. vote yes.", "stop showing off. it isn't what you do. its what you are that matters.", "babies see things as they really are" and so on. the uneven format of the book (could be a sentence on one page, a short paragraph on the next, then a short essay on the next) helps you to think more consciously in itself. having read the book several times over, i finally realized what was missing for me. a sense of humour! an inspirational classic such as "illusions" by richard bach for example, has the same enlightening quality but gives you a good chuckle too. still, this is an extraordinary book and i thank paul williams for it wholeheartedly. read this and wake up! ;o)

David |

It's all energy

I first read this in 1982, doing through a divorce and getting sober, way too many changes for one year! the ideas in this book allowed me to take hold of my life, make choices that changed my direction and brought me to now! the premise of being energy that is eternal and constant enabled me to keep open to what came next, i still struggle with the changes that my mind thinks i don't want. but when i remember that it is all energy, i can move through