Brand : De Cecco

De Cecco Pasta, Elbows, 16 Ounce (Pack of 5)

F. mackenzie |

5 pound minimum order

If you love soup with pastina; like the classic wedding soup this is great to have in your pantry. since the minimum order is 5 pounds there is bound to be some in the pantry. this is one of my favorite sized pastinas. what i like about this brand is it is manufactured in italy so the likelihood of having monsanto wheat in it is slim. italy does not allow american imports of wheat. what i like about the shape is although very small it is thick, so it holds up in broth without being too soft. the other is this is the kind of pastina my grandma used when she made us stracciatella.

Pcj |

Hard to get

This pasta is really delicious. great for soup. for some reason, we find it very difficult to find this pasta in our local supermarkets.

Steven g. |

Best noodles anywhere

They cook perfect and always turn out great. i have been buying this brand for over 20 years and i always come back to this brand. i just wish they would carry more variety in my local grocery store.