Brand : Mark Correy

Dead Stop

John long jr |

Great series

I have always be a star trek fan, i had never watch this star trek show when it was original broad cased. i started watching on amazon prime. now i can't stop watching, the only bad thing is there is only four season to watch. i was thinking the other day i could always start over with season one when i finish season 4. great show and in hd.

Bill young |

When watching it's like seeing an old friend

When watching it's like seeing an old friend. like any old friend i like to see them over and over again!

Linda burke |

Meets my needs

I researched other sites user reviews find that others have recommended this. i found it really good after the use, it has ordered. looks new though this set has been with me for a month now. high quality it is very easy to manipulate love it! great price. sparkly, warm, wonderful great price and item