Brand : Charlaine Harris

Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) Publisher: Ace Trade; Reprint edition

Diana dc |

Infinitely richer than hbo's true blood. really.

I'm talking to those of you who have seen hbo's series and might want to experience a richer, deeper, darker, smarter and sexier take on the southern vampire mysteries. author harris has created an addictive series in which sookie is the center of always strange, sometimes wonderful, and often terrifying events. sookie is truly the heroic figure you saw in the first few episodes and not the crankypants whiner the producers turned her into. what's better about the books? harris writes clean prose and tells her story in a linear style without messy side trips. and here's some good news: skanky jason is a fairly minor character while vampires bill and eric are very major. tara doesn't bear any resemblance to her namesake in the books and i just don't know what to say about that. treat yourself to the fun to be had in reading this wonderful series. richer. deeper. darker. smarter. sexier.

Kayla dantin |

Sookie stackhouse series

I had read the sookie stackhouse books prior to my purchase but never in the order they were written. it was so nice to conveniently order from amazon and receive them at such a great value. and then the icing on the cake that i was able to read the stories all in chronological order. so very nice. i am a team eric fan for all those other fans. and would highly recommend you read the books, especially if you are a true blood series lover. while the hbo series varies a great deal from the books, it is great to have the background of the original stories. charlaine could continue this series for many more books and i will be right there reading them. such imagination and so much fun to escape with her into the world of vampires and supes. living in louisiana i can tell you, well, we are pretty much normal for where we live. but then again, you never can tell!!!!!

E. e. oneill |

Unexpectedly good.

I expected this to be decent, but was surprised to find it rather complex and leaning-toward-subtle in its handling of the issues involved with the concept of a world with "out" vampires. very good main character, not stereotyped. most other characters are more simplistic, but the story was handled so deftly (pacing, descriptions, dialog) that didn't bother me.