Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania

Kristie t. pitts |


As with his other books, the research in "dead wake" is incredible. being a history teacher, i thought i knew a great deal about the events leading america into the war, but was fascinated with the detail involved in every aspect of this historic event. the information on wilson's personal life during this period was totally unknown to me beyond the fact that he remarried. i can't imagine anyone with any interest in history not loving this book.

Cynthia null |

I liked having the story from both the british and german ...

Dead wake is an engrossing book. being more familiar with the titanic than i was with the lusitania, it was fascinating to read about this ship. especially, i liked having the story from both the british and german side. also, the inclusion of material about woodrow wilson and reasons why he delayed entrance into wwi, even after it was evident that the germans were attacking much of our shipping.

Recording secretary |

You know the titanic, but do you know the lusitania??

Great historical and socio-political review of an event that brought the u.s. into a world war. larson did some very good research on this one.