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Dear White People

Kent |

Great movie...........

I want to say that this movie was funny & interesting at the same time. i would say that all black people experience those same treatments like the four main character, but i will say that i personally believe that black people,(including myself) have those identity crises or conflicts amongst are self's rather than other cultures. this is truly a good movie & i am compelled to write a review because, it really caught my attention and has a true real reality in the 21's century.

Amazon customer |

Dear white people: you need to watch this

This was such an informative and entertaining movie. i was glad to see that a movie was made that points out the enequalities that exist on academic campuses. many believe that college campuses are liberal sanctuaries, and in many ways they are, but biases towards people of color and other minorities is still alive and well. it even points out the small things that white people do that they don't realize is racist.

Kat |

Hope this becomes a "must see" classic!

I've watched this movie twice and it was funny and poignant both times. it will likely end up in my video library. the characters are well developed, complex and realistic. tessa thompson is perfect as sam white. the character has just the right amount of sass, brass, and intelligence for a heroine. too bad we will never see her in a room with katherine hepburn. ms. hepburn also had just the right amount of sass, brass, and intelligence for a heroine.