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Demond Dantes, The Count of Monte Cristo


Review "the count of monte cristo"

Edmond dantes is having a great life - soon he will marry the girl he loves (mercedes) and he will also captain his own ship. but, his future is heartlessly shattered when horrid enemies trigger his very unfair arrest. as he sits in his cell, in jail, he thinks about how to get out. edmond is doomed with lifelong imprisonment. while in jail he thinks of how to get even with the accusers. edmond gets out of jail, and now is free, but a pirate. will he get his fortune back? this answers lies at the island of monte cristo.


The count of monte cristo

This is my absolutely favorite book! i really don't like to read books, but this book was incredible. i'm actually 15, but i read this book when i was 13. i recommend this book for teenagers and adults. this book is about a french secret agent from the past tring to get revenge on all of his enemies. this story is hard to follow at times, but the plot and twists are genius!

Bruce j. |

It is great to read a book that uses the eloquence of ...

It is great to read a book that uses the eloquence of language to paint a picture, rather than present day shock treatment (violence, sex, foul language, etc.). the story line was both entertaining and thought provoking and concluded with a redeeming moral message. we have lost the ability to convey dignity in most contemporary literature in the way it was conveyed in the nineteenth century.