Brand : Vicki Myron

Dewey the Library Cat: A True Story


Sweetest cat ever

I love dewey i love this book and i love everything a library cat can do. when i read this i was 11 or 10, im 11 but it was a little while ago. i cried over this book so much and i would recommend it to anybody. so sweet and cute and also i love the picture of him, which also coresponds with the story

Avid reader |

Well worth the read (contains spoiler at end of review)

As a cat lover, i couldn't resist this book, although i could not finish it...(see below). the book is well written and i found the details relating to spencer, the small town in iowa, and the library itself, fascinating as was the frank account of ms. myron's life. what a courageous lady. it shows how a small act of kindness can have repercussions beyond our wildest dreams. and 5 stars for dewey!! ***spoiler alert*** i couldn't read beyond when dewey gets sick as i knew it would make me too sad.

Junkgirl |

Heartwarming and engaging story.

I read this every night my 4 year old granddaughter was visiting, by request. she loved it and ended up asking lots of questions about libraries, the words in the book and how cats should be petted, especially. since i work at a library and up until recently, we had a library cat also, i find the story wholly engaging. the lovely artwork melts hearts and presents the personality of dewey very well. i am buying it to send to my little reader. i look forward to the christmas book.