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Diario de una Pasion (The Notebook) aka El diario de Noa [NTSC/Region 1&4 dvd. Import - Latin America] (Spanish subtitles)

Trenton b. |

Heart taking movie

This movie will just steal your heart with it's story of this couple. i've watched it numerous times and it never ceases to make me tear up.

Kelly quint |

The best love story ever!!

This was the best love story movie that i have seen yet in my 21 years of living. it really touched me and my family because it was cute and reminds me of love with my fiance and i. this is a great movie for guys and girls and you should watch it if you love these kinds of movies.

Lee canada |

Great movie

Timeless love story. my husband and i enjoyed this movie very much. is what true love is all about. loved it!