Brand : Ann Hyman

Diary of a Sorority House Mom by Hyman, Ann (2012) Paperback

J. a. hays |

Amazing read

I read this book in one day, could not put it down. ann writes well and the book never gets boring, not even for a minute. if you are curious about this kind of work and most folks seem to be, then this book will give you the inside scoop of some hd's experiences. not all of the sororities are so blatant in their disregard for rules, but, ann tells her story and it deserves to be told. good job ann! i learned alot from you. thanks for writing this.

Axid |

Her time with delta delta delta at uc berkeley

Wow. apparently a diary of her time with the tri-delta chapter at berkeley. yikes. these girls were psycho. i'm a sorority girl and can't imagine dealing what she patiently dealt with--assaulted by an intoxicated frat boy that wouldn't leave the house. what entitled, drug addled brats. even the other house moms warned her about this place.

Mizmoore |

Loved it!

I thought this book was great! i'm an alumna of alpha omicron pi, and, while my chapter never had a house, it was very interesting to read how sorority houses are managed and the behind the scenes drama that goes on. the book was well written, humorous, and i'm dying to know what sorority it was!